Artist Spotlight: Seasick Mama

A couple of minutes into Brooklyn-based Seasick Mama’s EP Tip Top Shape and it’s apparent that Mariel Maher’s voice is unlike any other. A few songs in and it’s getting more and more difficult to describe her sound. It’s a little mix of Karen O’s raw and edgy vocals with Jenny Lewis’ sweet and soulful voice but not exactly.

Working with David Sitek (TV On The Radio), Sam Farrar (Phantom Planet) and Peter Wade (MDNR) to produce Tip Top Shape, the seven song EP combines Maher’s unique voice with brass, synths and heavy guitar riffs to create something that can’t be categorized into just one genre. Maher prides herself in her ability to work freely and “not be bound by one idea” and it totally shows.

The opening track “Gimme Something More To Work With” showcases her alternative, art rock side. While “Man Overboard” is heavy on the reggae, island vibes and is perfect for a summer getaway. A few songs later, “Holy Smokes” transports you to a funky time period with pedal heavy guitar and upbeat percussion. Maher is all over the place and in the best way possible.

With the wide ranger her music covers, her live show is sure to be just as vibrant and entertaining.. Catch her for free at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar on Friday, January 24.

Article by Megan Do 

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