Girls who rock: Laney Coletti

When we think of rock and roll we don’t always think of women, and if we do, it’s more based off the imagine of our sexuality in the rock and roll scene. I was at The Grand Victory in Brooklyn one night covering a band, when I saw the female bassist Laney Coletti from the band Maginot. I immediately had 100 questions I wanted to ask her, like where she’d been all my life, but I waited.

Laney & I set up a time and place to discuss her role in Maginot and as a bassist, but the life of a female rock and roller can get hectic, especially when your band is in high demand all over Brooklyn and the LES. I ended up meeting her at the bar I’d first found her at, and just hung out with her and had some beers. Laney’s originally from the Philippines and she unfortunately still has to work a real job in the city, but has no problem making the switch with the band calls. She played the upright bass for 4 years and has been with Maginot for 2, but made it clear that she loves her guys and has found her place with this band.

The fact that Laney is the only female in Maginot doesn’t keep her from not hiding her femininity. Dresses and skirts is what you’ll get from her when you check her dropping bass lines alongside her Maginot band mates. Who says Women can’t have it all?

Article by Betty Fireall

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