Girls Who Rock: Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak

Being a two-piece rock outfit is no easy task, especially when each half resides on opposite coasts. Luckily, this wouldn’t prove a problem for Baltimore’s indie/alternative powerhouse, Wye Oak. While the duo’s musical persona benefits from symbiotic rhythm and harmony, few can refute the magnificence of singer/multi-instrumentalist, Jenn Wasner.

Wasner’s role in Wye Oak has always dictated the sonic identity of the band in a large capacity. As the primary vocalist and multi instrumentalist, Wasner has forged one of the most melodic and infectious alt-indie/folk outfits around.  How you might ask? By marrying her haunting vocals with dynamic guitar playing and infectious rhythms. This is the sound that has come to define the band throughout their discography.

Now, with the impending release of Shriek, the band’s fourth full length (out in April), Wasner looks to shake things up even further. While writing the album, Wasner expanded her musical repertoire to include bass. In doing so, she was able to create a whole new sound and dynamic for record number four, a sound drenched in rhythm, synthesizers, and new vocal interaction with drummer/multi-instrumentalist Andy Stack

So, while some of the above may seem a tad hyperbolic, let us consider the facts. Wasner has not only fronted Wye Oak, taking the band to new heights, but she has now managed to revamp the band and expand their tonal canon. Not too shabby, Ms. Wasner.

Article by Mike Ventimiglia

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