Honduras, Beiju, The Dead Stars, and Gradients play Radio Bushwick

Hot off the heels of their electrifying opening gig with the Kaiser Chiefs, Honduras celebrated the soon to be released EP, Morality Cuts due out 3-11 on Black Bell Records which can be found here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/morality-cuts-ep/id826407014

With the help of local bands The Gradients, Beiju, and the Dead Stars the night was filled with screaming indie guitars at one of Brooklyn’s newest concert venues, Radio Bushwick.

It’s easy to throw around names like the Ramones, The Sex Pistols, and The Arctic Monkeys and say it’s resembles one or another or to label them as power-pop-punk, but to me it’s simply NYC rock and roll at it’s finest.

The quartet is fueled by the dueling guitar work of Tyson Moore(lead guitar/vocals) and frontman Pat Phillips while machine gun drummer Josh Wehle and bassist Paul Lizarraga provide a pounding groove that makes you want to jump and dance. The band performed well oiled versions of new songs “Son” and “Ace”, catchy tunes with bouncing guitar notes and thought provoking lyrics.

I see a lot of shows, there’s not many where I have to tell myself to stop dancing around and take pictures, which says a whole lot. I think next time, I’ll go as a fan to fully enjoy what is sure to be a hot act in 2014.

Article and Photos by Shayne Hanley


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 Dead Stars

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