Interview: Seasick Mama

From our Artist Spotlight a couple months ago, we all know that Marial Maher aka Seasick Mama does not like to stick to just one sound. With her solid debut EP, Tip Top Shape, Maher explores everything the tropics to a time when love and peace were free.

Before she performs at our Pancakes & Whiskey show at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn on March 22, we thought we’d get to know Maher a little better.

P&W: Seems like you’re quite the multi-talented lady. Singer, songwriter, performer, artist, model… what came first and how did you get into making music?

SM: I don’t really remember what came first, or the particular order. There were a series of things that happened throughout my life that made all of these things comfortable for me. For example, I went to clown school when I was really young–and one of my earliest experience when moving to New York City was asking my mother if it was “okay” to be photographed naked…a revolving door of experiences. 

P&W: I’ve listened to your EP a ton of times and it amazes me how each song sounds completely different from the last. Was that your intention? 

SM: Tip Top Shape is a selection of almost 30 songs I wrote over the course of a year. Naturally, I was excited about them all and wanted to release all 30 of the damn things but instead we present the best handful that told the story of Tip Top Shape

P&W: It’s obvious that you’ve got an interesting sense of style, how does that play into your music and live performance?

SM: I really actually have the WORST sense of style. All the pictures on the internet or publications, I got a little help from my friends. I am very practical. Black on black on black. I like blending in when I am not on stage or not performing. That way I can spend more time kissing my boyfriend without anyone staring 🙂

P&W: Have you heard one of your songs while out or while watching something? What was the moment like?

SM: I haven’t had that moment yet, but I got a bunch of text messages from my friends saying “I’m listening to ‘Man Overboard’ in H&M right now!” I don’t know if I thought it was funny because I was tingled by the success of the song, or because all my friends shop at the same store. 

P&W:  What are you listening to these days?

SM: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Little Dragon, and Garden & Villa.

P&W: Your left arm is covered in beautiful tattoos. What’s the story behind your favorite?

SM: The truth is, I really just let my friend, Karen Glass, go to town. I let her design everything. I was just doing it for the experience. I like that idea of tattoos and the identity it gives people. There is a certain elegance and grace it takes to carry yourself with markings that last a lifetime. 

P&W: When you’re not performing or creating, where can we find you?

SM: My boyfriend Will Fegan (also the drummer of Seasick Mama) has been teaching me the art of woodworking. He started his own company Wild Willy’s Woodshop. Everyone should check it out. 

P&W:  What do you have up your sleeve in 2014?

SM: I am going to spend the summer in Rhode Island writing MORE songs. 

P&W: What can those heading to the Pancakes & Whiskey show on March 22 at Cameo Gallery expect from your live performance?

SM: Sexiness & mayhem! 

Interview by Megan Do

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