Lake Street Dive and Ages and Ages Played the Bowery Ballroom

Lake Street Dive played the second of two sold out nights at the Bowery Ballroom with supporting act Ages and Ages.

Portland, OR based Ages and Ages started the night with some super catchy pop-rock which had attendees dancing and singing along with their infectious fun and communal style. Many whispers of “these guys are great” were heard along the rail not long into their forty-five minute set. They hit top speed with the catchy, question everything in the face of adversity, song “Divisionary” where all band members harmonized beautifully while the crowd sang along with the lyrics.

Ages and Ages is a fun band with all members playing different instruments throughout the set, tons of clapping and different percussion techniques being used to create a somewhat unique sound in todays muddled music scene. I have a feeling they wont be opening to many more gigs as they deserve a headlining spot.

After a short break, Lake Street Dive took the stage to thunderous applause and wasted no time in laying down the rolling beat to “Got Me Fooled” a catchy mid-tempo blues/soul hybrid number to get the long set started. After the first tune Rachael Price, lead singer extraordinaire, thanked everyone for coming out to the sold out gigs and that it was really nice to be home in the middle of the successful tour.

As journalists we are taught not to throw around to many examples and compare things but this band has an old school Motown and Jazzy feel to it, and Rachael Price when eyes are closed could be mistaken as Ella Fitzgerald with a broader range. Price’s voice is a powerful and dynamic ranged megaphone that grabs your attention from the back of the room and pulls you in close, like on the current hit “Bad Self Portraits”

On the upright bass and backing vocals, Bridget Kearney is the engine of the group always laying down a deep and grooving line for drummer Mike Calabrese to fill the rest in with jazzy beats and cymbal rides.

On the guitar and trumpet is the talented Mike “McDuck” Olson, who is adept at filling in all the soft spots with catchy guitar and lets you know that he came to party with the trumpet.

This band is obviously a hot commodity and think the next time they perform in NYC, it will be at a much bigger venue, but better book two nights as the crowds will come see this band in flocks, until then be sure to pick up a copy of their newest record Bad Self Portraits available here; Lake Street Dive – Store

Article and photos by Shayne Hanley

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