The NYC based psych pop band TEEN, pulled out their new album The Way and Color at Baby’s All Right with some help with supporting acts White Bike and Icewater.

White Bike started the night off with some rhythmic jungle rock complete with a horn section and funky percussionists and played two long songs sans vocals for their short set. Icewater followed it up with a easy going set of rock tunes and had the mostly full room swaying along with their straight forward songs and easy going lyrics.

TEEN was quite unlike any band I had previously seen, the quartet isn’t exactly creating a new style but is unique none the less. Three quarters of the band are sisters including drummer Katherine, keyboardist Lizzie and lead singer/guitarist Kristina “Teeny” Lieberson, who originally hail from Nova Scotia while Syrian born Boshra Alsaadi rounds out the group on bass.

The set was a trippy and synth fueled masterpiece including the killer haunted house vibe single, “Reconsider” which highlights the groups tremendous range and four part harmonies. While each of the band members were spot on in their parts, it was easy to be caught up watching the energetic Teeny as she easily played a spacy guitar while effortlessly belting out her high pitched vocals and prancing around on the small stage. Doing a little research I was able to hear a bunch of the tunes off the new album and was really surprised on how the live versions were not only pretty much perfect but even better, with more flair and energy than in the studio which makes this a band that needs to be seen live.

Article and photos by Shayne Hanley


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