Shortly after releasing her first LP In Cold Blood, White Sea, also known as Morgan Kibby, headed on a nationwide tour, making a pit-stop in good ol’ South Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Most know her as the singer/keyboardist from the French electronic band M83. Her taste for drama and abstrusity make magic on the stage. It comes to no surprise that the former M83 keyboardist brings similar flavor to this album. Her very impressive vocal chops and her wide range moved the audience and had everyone cheering.

Opening up with set with the smooth, airy sound of ‘Ex-Pat’, the band set the mood for the night, with touching lyrics and beautiful production. One of my favorites, ‘Future Husbands, Past Lives’, had the crowd elated. The combination of her Mariah Carey-esque vocal range, thundering drum rolls and wailing electric guitar was nothing like I had ever seen before.

White Sea is definitely a must to see live!

Article by: Maria Mora

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