This unique Artist’s music can be described by some critics as Experimental. Perhaps, Acid-Jazz. Funk. Soul or even Jazz. Or, more fittingly, it can be simply described as what it is: Iman Omari. As Shakespeare wrote “Could a rose under any other name, smell as sweet?”

Right now, in this moment, is the generation of originality and Samadhi. For those who are unsure of what Samadhi is, the definition is in the searching. Samadhi is finding your super consciousness and with every listen of Iman’s vibration’s you will undoubtingly come closer to your Higher Self. The revelation may be the truth of his lyrics or the variation of his sound, but it is something I am still learning- he is an artist that has the ability to surprise with every song sounding different than the first but more enticing than the last.

Yet, until we get into the more present trends of Iman Omari let us take a look back into his beginnings. A graduate of the Los Angeles Hamilton School of Music, he is someone who can be said to have been singing and making music since the womb. Iman was born with a mother as a professional singer and so was born into the this world with “a piano placed in his hands” and singing. He began playing music at the age of two and quickly progressed into composition by the time he was eleven- using the PS 1’s MTV Music Generator before using FL and then Logic.

“Energy” was first released on November 28th 2011, Iman’s first major production was originally sold for free on; and has become very widely known giving him the attention of such artists as Mac Miller, Solange, THC, Little Simz, Thundercat, Ty$, Kendrick Lamar and many many more. In 2013 after his release of Energy he produced the VIBE(rations) LP, which he produced in New York and New Jersey- with even more complex composition- combining a 90s melancholy feel while simultaneously interweaving peaceful lyrics. This embodies the energy of the city it was bred from: city tales of mediating, self medicating, love, the soul, the spirit, and finding “The One”.

Such great production was transformed into something ageless by matching Iman with such talent as MoRuf on “Prayed For” and “Too Late”, Shi Wisdom “Prayed For”, and Kent Jamz, from LA Rap Group Overdoz, in my favorite song on the LP “No Stress”. Shortly after Iman produced two more “Vibe-tapes”: Vibe tape 1 & 2 in December and June of 2013. Then ESC. Vol 1 & 2 following that and High Loops and Vibe Tape 3, never having a dull moment in his vibrant career.

Flash forward to 2014, this musical-gypsy is now in New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz- the new hub for eclectic music, this is where his newest masterpiece Samadhi was created, a five song album that was made in three months with his tumultuous life being the muse. As said by the artist himself “I came out with the name Samadhi because my girlfriend, a Yoga instructor, brought up the word Samadhi and I asked what it meant. Samadhi is what everyone is attempting to reach, everyone wants to reach infinities. Favorite track, for me is “Out on the run”, the reason I love it the most, is because I spent the most time on it, it has the most meaning, it is not reminiscent of anything else, but this is original on the avant garde level. An artists life is full of emotion, sadness, melancholy, excitement- all the feelings i feel throughout my day inspires me to the fullest. it is all a part of the experience, I am merely translating.”

Featured on album Tiff Gouche, who is releasing the “Fantasy” EP, Iman goes on to note “That shit is about to be incredible. I have some production on there, we have been working together for years and it is great to work together with someone who is your friend who happens to be a great artist.” Samadhi is available on Itunes:

Iman’s next performance will be on August 17th in New York at the MoCada Museum, 80 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217. If you would like to hear the music for yourself, you may check out all of his mixtapes and EP’s at &

If you need good radio like the rest of us, you may check out his Pandora as well. Peace.

Article by: Marisa Mireles



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