Gigawatts Festival Preview

Gigawatts Magazine, a bi-weekly music and arts magazine based in Brooklyn will be throwing their annual Gigawatts Festival. In it’s second year, the four-day music festival will feature over 60 bands performing at Radio Bushwick, Hot 97.4, and a secret house show that will be announced  Sunday. I know most of you are still catching your breath from the barrage of booze and music that the past month and a half has brought. New York has had some pretty awesome shows thus far with Gov Ball, Northside, and 4Knots festival helping to showcase some of the best local bands that New York has to offer. It looks like Rukkus and Brooklyn Brewery will be sponsoring the event, so expect plenty of drunks like myself enjoying plenty of Brooklyn Beer throughout the weekend.

Okay, so for some of you who are weak and pulling the ‘school night’ card in attempt to justify yourself not going out on Thursday night, I’ll tell you right now you’ll be missing out. I’ll also tell you to grow a pair because it’s summer and Vensaire, Boy Toy, and Bluffing will all be strutting their stuff on stage at Radio Bushwick. I caught Vensaire opening up for Canon Logic back in January and I was REALLY impressed by the blend of musical genres to create an alt-indie creation that I haven’t heard anyone else in New York sound like in my two years going to shows here.

Friday I’m sure the shows at Radio Bushwick and Hot 97.4 will be rockin and in full attendance. The Happy Lives will bring their up-tempo neo-pop guitar jams early on in the night so make sure to catch them right after happy hour ends. Dead Stars will be playing shortly after them, we saw and met with them after their kick ass set at 4Knots this past Saturday and I’m really looking forward to seeing them again to see how they change their set around for back to back festival gigs. Gunfight! will also be tearing things up with their guitars over at Hot 97.4. If you haven’t added their 2010 release Frontier Land to your summer rooftop party playlist yet why don’t you go ahead and join the rest of the amateur hour participants there in the corner.

Saturday and Sunday will be the hot tickets as some of my personal favorite bands will be hitting the stages throughout the days. Little Racer, Ski Lodge, and Slonk Donkerson are all fantastic live acts that I’ve been following for a while and will be throwing quite the shindig, while over at Hot 97.4 Slothtrust and Mannequin Pussy will be the sets that I will definitely be catching. Remember it’s a sprint, not a marathon, only pussies take things nice and easy so take this local festival in with a song in your heart and two whiskey drinks in your hand! See ya out there!

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Article by Tom Shackleford

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