Some would say that a new age of pop punk dawned from the emergence of Green Day. My uncle saw them in a coffeeshop in the 80s and said they were just as good as they are now. I mean, they have a fucking musical.

Boston and Providence based duo “Allston Police” are no novices in the industry, almost signing with a major label and coming close to nationwide success a few years back. Their work ethic is undeniable; Jimmy Coberly on drums and Izaiah Yelle guitar and vocals, they reemerged after dusting themselves off and trying again at that old mysterious complex that is the music industry.

Their influences range from a series of genres- which is probably what makes them so eclectic. But their real appeal comes from being able to take a shit out of themselves – something that is really so rare these days that we question we’re doing listening to a synth player talk about all the “sick keys” that he has after a show in which, wait for it, he probably played one note.

But the truth about “Allston Police” and Coberly and Yelle’s careers is that they worked together to create a new, completely collaborative project after touring the country with their previous band, “Love Via Dance Machine” and achieved moderate success; it’s a lot easier said than done. Once you brush with the big guys, it’s pretty rare to want to start all over.

Coberly and Yelle’s sound combines that same old school pop punk Green Day with a little of New Found Glory and – dare I say it – Dashboard Confessional – their sound is really what we need right now to wake us up from the droning sounds of saturated indie rock. But what really does it for me is Yelle’s songwriting. The dude’s can really get the message across.

Their premiere video as Allston Police, titled “You Don’t Get It” is a sassy, anthemic tune that gets you wanting to dance around your apartment in your underwear with a microphone substitute and simply just rock. Not to mention the boys’ witty video treatment – vintage visuals (cats!) and epic costumes that really get across their crass sarcasm. And, as you can imagine, these dudes can throw an epic party.

Stay tuned for more Allston Police and check out their video below

Article by: Hillary Barleaux

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