“Whiskey!” Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard exclaim, respectively, when I ask them what they would bring with them on a desert island: pancakes or whiskey. They could only pick one, but they answered so quickly it seemed like something they had thought of before. Mitchy and Danielle are two members of Brooklyn indie band Oh Honey, who have been making a buzz (pun unapologetically intended) for themselves with their debut EP “With Love” which featured track “Be Okay.” The upbeat pop tune has been making the rounds on tv shows and commercials and getting stuck in people’s heads for months now.

The standard route for music releases is to follow up an EP with with a full length album, however Oh Honey are taking a different route.

“Instead of honing in on a record, which I absolutely love, and releasing one album and giving that to fans to hold on to for two years, I think giving them songs every handful of months so they have something new coming out from us keeps things interesting,” Mitchy says when I ask why they decided to release four EPs as a postcard series, rather than one full length album.

“With Love” was the first in the series, with “Sincerely Yours” (out October 14th) is the second. This means that fans have two more EPs to look forward to within the next year, making their creative output a lot more regular than the normal band.

“It keeps people excited,” Bouchard adds. “It’s interesting too because we have the names of the last two EPs but we don’t necessarily know what songs are going to be on them so it will be interesting to see how that influences our writing too.”

Sincerely Yours” carries the same theme of “With Love” of cautious optimism. Knowing that things are going to be okay in life, but not knowing when. “Sincerely Yours” is noticably darker than its predecessor, but it is still a perfect pop EP, with Bouchard and Collins’ vocals mixing like, well, mixing like milk and honey.

The band got their name from Brooklyn’s artisanal honey trend as well as Collins’ favorite episode of “How I Met Your Mother” (yes, the one titled “Oh Honey” with Katy Perry.)

“Maybe him [Barney Stinson] and Robin doing an interpretive dance to “Cracks in the Floor of Heaven” which is a very serious song off our new EP,” Bouchard says after some thought when I ask if which members of the HIMYM cast they would want to star in a music video, and for what song. They have also played around with the idea of releasing their own honey to sell at the merch table in the vein of Hanson’s “Mmmhops” craft beer or Alex James’ line of New Wave inspired cheeses.

Unfortunately, the honey was not put into production in time for the Honda Civic tour, which they are currently on with American Authors. A tour that will bring them back to the city on November 7th at the Best Buy Theatre. A venue much bigger than Rockwood Music Hall, a place that means a lot to the band.

“There is just so much of it, honestly,” Collins muses about the New York music scene. “You walk in to Rockwood Music Hall, which I feel like is a new twist on what CBGB’s was in the sense that you can walk in any night of the week and there is amazing music. We definitely came up in that scene and they were always really good to us.”

“There are so many venues and so many bands, it’s a very cool scene to be apart of,” Bouchard adds. They do have favorite scenes outside of New York though. Nashville and San Francisco being two that come to mind.

“Don’t You Worry” is the lead single off the new EP, which is available now. And don’t you worry, they are definitely thinking of covering a Robin Sparkles song in the future.

Article by: Erin Browne

Photo credit: Eric Mooney

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