Just because it’s like 10 degrees outside doesn’t mean you have to lose out on amazing tunes and great shows. If the cold has got you down, Hessismore will save the day with their dreamy beats and catchy lyrics. We were lucky enough to catch up with Mikkel Hess from Hessismore at his studio where the band’s tunes get mixed and perfected.

If you haven’t heard of Hessismore, now is your chance to get addicted just like we have. Hessismore is an avant pop/electronica group consisting from 7-8 band members each based in New York City and Denmark for live performance, which is interestingly and awesomely enough totals to about 13-15 band members. It was my first time being in a studio and Mikkel was more than awesome to show me some of the fascinating instruments he’s acquired throughout the years like a pump organ which is an organ where you can only play by pumping; a good instrument to exercise your calves.

If you could describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard your music before, how would you describe it?

MH: Hessismore has electronic elements that have evolved gradually. It’s a ministry of integration; various influences make them all relate and can be a mixture (combinations) of different genres.

Do you compose all of the songs yourself or is it a collaboration between the band members?

The way Mikkel explains composing is engrossing because he doesn’t like to think he’s a composer. MH: I’m more interested in how the particular parts relate to each other. Music is a series of based on an overall collective of mini decisions. The musicians also know the songs by heart and everyone is able to bring ideas and we can work off of that. The live version adds a more richness to the songs and evolve in different ways.

We then spoke about their new album, Myheadisaballroom/Whoneedsapalaceanyway and about the new album art shows how the artists in the band are all connected in some way; like for example how the texture of the saxophone connects with the reverberation of the bass guitar. At their shows, there is very little room for improvisation because everything is so properly connected in their music and live performances.

Best venue they’ve played?

MH: Nublu has been wonderful in the sense that the performance is more raw and a great place to experience their music because of the space. And speaking of Nublu, one of my faves, they will be playing a four day residency starting tomorrow night, Nov. 20th through Nov. 23th) We highly recommend it. We then spoke about our favorite venues which are Cameo Gallery, Glasslands, Webster Hall, and an old school jazz place recommended called Village Vanguard. He also mentioned a beautiful venue they’ve also played before called Philharmonic in Berlin which is known for its beautiful architecture.

Just listen to”Bearsong” and you’ll know why we love them so.

Article by: Karen Silva

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