Looking back on the releases of 2014, and it is hard to ignore the fact that we are in a pop renaissance. Sure, pop music never truly goes away, but this year has been an amazing year for pop music of all kinds. Among the releases from One Direction and Taylor Swift and the other members of the royal pop kingdom, guitar driven pop music has also made a resurgence. Your mom and dad’s pop music (The Beatles, etc.) is now your pop music and the perfect example of that is The Fleeting Ends.

November is over and with that so is The Fleeting Ends’ residency at MilkBoy Philly. However, sometimes endings bring great things and in this case that is a new EP. Released on Noisetrade just in time for the holiday season, The Fleeting Ends have released their latest single “Can’t Say No” accompanied by b-side “7 a.m. Again” and three previously unreleased demos. Sure, I know it is going to be hard to convince you to stop dancing around to “Blank Space” for a moment, but “Can’t Say No” is truly one of the top pop releases of the year. Especially from an emerging artist.

This single highlights everything The Fleeting Ends do best. From honest and relatable lyrical content, to soaring dance inducing melodies, their songs are unstoppable. Combine that with the nostalgic synth lines and signature harmonies and “Can’t Say No” is easily the best TFE song to date. They added it to their live set for the first time during their November residency, and the venue was abuzz after. If you missed the shows though, you can download the entire EP for free (although you can add a tip) on Noisetrade. The video, directed by friend-of-the-band Tim Flanagan, was released earlier this year, and the single has been getting significant airplay in their home city of Philadelphia.

One of the most disappointing things about pop music is how it is trivialized in our culture. But, like most things, pop music comes in all forms and there is truly a form for everyone. If there is any band that can turn non-believers into devoted followers, it’s The Fleeting Ends, and when it comes to this new track, well, you just can’t say no.

Article by: Erin Browne

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