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The Penny Serfs

The Penny Serfs


The Penny Serfs, from Iowa, have recently released their first rockin’ EP and we are happy to present you with this exclusive track by track feature! You can buy “Like Eating Glass” now on iTunes!


Manic Depressive“: One day we are apathetic; the next we want revolution. As a society we over medicate to keep everyone in order as we obsessively Google the side effects.


Dead Love”: The future has made it hard to trust anyone, leaving mistakes and skeletons with no closet to hide in. Dead Love is about trying to love without hiding any inner demons or a wicked past.


It’s Always Raining”: is very simple. It’s hard to focus on daily life when everything seems so grey.  The addiction of being melancholy can be so destructive it turns you into a walking apocalypse.  Searching the world for your dreams in this state of mind creates the age-old philosophical question: is anything real


The Legend of Jim Falcon“: applies to the age-old saying that all cops are robbers.  John changes his name to Jim, does a ton of despicable acts, then turns back into John and goes to church. Anonymity doesn’t create heroes; it engineers a super breed of feel good sociopaths.


Lonely”: is about someone who chooses a digital partner as opposed to real life flesh.  Instead of eliminating sexist barriers, the character ends up creating larger ones becoming frustrated the digital lover refuses to provide empathy.


Hot and Cold”: is staring at your phone all night long but being sad your wife went to bed.  Hot and cold is about being addicted to everything, never knowing when to stop, and then always feeling like its somebody else’s fault.

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Article: Shayne Hanley



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