New kid on the block Dara Sisterhen makes her debut as a recording artist with her debut EP, Boom. I’m always a bit skeptical of younger artists who have histories of also acting in the teen scene. However the album overall, though short, is a strong collection of five really enjoyable tunes. Her sound is more of a throwback to those old Americana and roots rock albums of the 50s and 60s. You hear almost an opposite end spectrum sound of The Beatles in “I Wanna Be Your Girl” and “Kids.” You can easily compare the album to contemporary country/folk acts like Puss N Boots.

As a listener, you appreciate how as a new artist still finding her voice, she keeps it simple and plays within her ability, rather than overdoing things trying to make a statement right out the gate. Overall the album is made up of strong melodies and catchy hooks, but its strongest asset is Dara’s hold on her young voice and putting a song together. The album hits the shelves on April 7th but you can get the first single off the album “Sets Me Free” wherever the fuck songs are sold these days.




Whiskey Rating: 4 out of 5 Shots.

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Words by: Tom Shackleford


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