It’s that time of year again ladies and gents. Time to settle your losses and start betting on the ponies, because it’s Derby season! Yes brush off those big hats, iron your bow ties, and come to terms with the fact that we have to drink mint juleps for a night. Whether you’re heading to Churchill Downs to partake in the race festivities first hand or you’re stuck yelling ridiculous horse names at the top of your lungs into a television for 60 seconds, yes you just can’t hate one of this country’s best traditions of getting totally shitfaced for the Kentucky Derby on May second.

If you’re stuck in NYC for the Derby this year, fear not- American Whiskey will be throwing one of the best parties in the city and will get you drunk enough to forget you just like $5k on a horse named Rough Rider Teddy. One of the best whiskey bars in the city, American Whiskey has over 150 brands of whiskey behind their bar on any given night, and will be throwing their annual party, 2015 American Whiskey Derby. There’ll be southern food, cornhole/horseshoe, Derby costume contests, unlimited mint juleps, and more. The restaurant will also be divided into different sections that represent particular marks of whiskey; guests can taste their way around the space and vote on their favorite cocktails – the winner will be crowned the American Whiskey Derby 2015 Champion! The only thing missing to make it any more authentic will be the smell of horse shit in the air.

I’ll be in attendance in some ridiculously stupid outfit trying to hit on some girl in some ridiculously stupid large hat, and drinking my 14th mint julep wondering why I’ve just bet my life savings on Rough Rider Teddy. Would you care to join?


Article: Tom Shackleford


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