Earlier this month, Surfer Blood announced that the band’s guitarist, Thomas Fekete, was undergoing treatment for a rare and life threatening form of cancer. In an open letter to fans, Thomas explained that not only was he unable to tour, but that the cancer had spread.

Though his medical expenses will not be cheap and the road ahead will not be without its challenges, the good news is that Thomas and his doctors have an incredibly optimistic outlook, so long as he receives the treatment he requires. Luckily, friends and fans have an opportunity to be an essential part of his recovery.

On May 12th, the Bowery Ballroom will be hosting a benefit concert, organized by Surfer Blood, to help raise enough money to get Thomas well and back to doing what he loves (and we love), making great music. Surfer Blood’s supporting lineup for the night will include, Julianna Barwick, Kip Berman, DJ Allen Blickle, Andy Boay, Cults, POP ETC, Marnie Stern & The Figs and We Are Scientists. While Thomas is off the road, he will be putting all your donations into getting well and whatever is left over will go directly to his doctor’s alternative cancer research.

If you can’t make it out to show your support in person, you can donate to Thomas’ medical fund by visiting their website here

Surfer Blood's Thomas Fekete needs our help

Surfer Blood’s Thomas Fekete needs our help


Article: Lea Weatherby



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