I’ve been playing guitar since I was five years old. I’ve tried my fair share of amps, amp heads, effects pedals, solid body guitars, hollow body guitars, semi-hollow body guitars, the list goes on and on. The point is, guitarists know what equipment they like, down to the very last detail of their preferred neck style, amplifier tone, and effects pedal setting. In reality it’s all about originality, not just with sound, but guitar players want something unique and original about their arsenal, just ask any pro who’s gotten the chance to customize their own guitar. Those who a dive headfirst into the world of guitar playing want an arsenal that is as unique and original as their desired sound, that no one else can claim as theirs.

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Fender Whiskey Barrel Amp


That being said, now is your chance to add an amplifier truly unique to your collection, as Fender is rolling out a supposed limited edition run of amplifiers made from wood of used whiskey barrels. Appropriately named “80 Proof Blues Junior Amplifier,” each amp will be 100% unique, obviously having it’s pieces constructed out of real whiskey barrels. The kind of whiskey and brand of the barrels, isn’t quite known, but what is certain is that unit will shoot out 15 watts of all-tube power, reverb, and an upgraded Jensen P12Q 12-inch speaker.


Fender Whiskey Barrel Amp

The Fender Custom Shop is keep details quiet for now, but supposedly only 100 will be made and available for public purchase. What’s cooler though, the fact that guitarists will now have a really cool and great sounding piece of equipment to their arsenal.


Article: Tom Shackleford



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