Joel Michael Howard’s newest, is a playful experiment in colors, textures and speeds. Set against the simple, pleasant melody and hushed falsetto featured in “Low,” JMH gazes at the camera before bounding for puddles in a bright yellow raincoat. Water balloons float and crash around him in vibrant detail. It’s very sweet, much like the song. Howard’s debut​ Love as First Response,​ is out now.

“Last summer my director friend Kris Thor mentioned that one of his friends won a Phantom Miro camera in a competition. We asked him to come to a 2 day shoot at another friend’s space in Red Hook. Kris got a lot of water balloons, some white paint, and lit a fire. He told me he just wanted to “make a big spectacle… a visual joke, and make me the brunt of it.” I thought this sentiment might be fitting for the song Low, which is a silly, almost undermining, recall of heartbreak; a bit of a joke itself, superficially painful, the song’s more of a show than a story. ” – JMH


Joel Michael Howard is:

Joel Michael Howard – guitar and vocals
Mark Stewart – bass
Dave Brandwein – guitar
Jessika Blanks – keyboards
Jon Smith – drums


Love As First Response tracklist:

1. Something Different
2. The Way I Love You
3. Don’t Know Why
4. Wanna Be
5. Out Before Dawn
6. Alright I’ll Go
7. Wild Ones
8. Low
9. Yippee
10. Pete and Mary




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  • Reply May 28, 2015

    Sergio Caçador-Florence

    Outstanding! Love the Song, love the video! Congrats!

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