VÉRITÉ’s new EP, Sentiment, covers all the bases. From pulsating rhytms, to ethereal more atmospheric tones, the singer makes a versatile statement on her four-song EP. Adding onto her short but expanding resume, her sophomore EP follows up 2014’s Echo with two new singles that have already been released in Colors and Wasteland but bring a more complete package to the table with the songs on the back end of the EP in “Rearrange” and “Sentiment.”


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The album starts out exactly how it should, with VÉRITÉ’s warm vocals quickly joined by keys, guitar, and drums. As the song picks up to the designated altitude of the EP, the up-tempo ending transitions perfectly into “Colors” which showcases the singers powerful versatility as a singer. It may be one of the singles that grabs the attention of everyone willing to listen – and agree she’s got the pipes and ability to harness them into a pop-friendly position and help her stand out as one of the premiere rising singers making her way up the ranks.

The back half of the EP features the seductive and atmospheric “Rearrange,” showcasing her ability to bring things down to a slower, deeper style of songwriting. Closing out with “Sentiment,” the song, which has the most potential as a single, starts out slow but quickly picks up like a speeding train gaining velocity and smoothly taking you to your musical destination.

Currently on tour in support of the new EP, make sure to catch VÉRITÉ at Firefly Music Festival next weekend.


Article: Tom Shackelford


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