BBQ, fireworks, drinking in the sun! What’s not to love about the 4th of July? Plus this year, the calendar lined up to prevent the drink-all-day-Monday-hate-Tuesday thing we normally do. This is the day that the United States proclaimed our independence from Great Britain – so let me help you proclaim your independence from putting bad things in your glass!


What to put in your glass:

Brooklyn distillers – drink local, they make great stuff!

Van Brunt Stillhouse

Van Brunt Stillhouse


Busted Barrel rum is made in nearby Jersey, and is delicious! (it’s available through Acker Merrall – check out the link below)


If it’s a delicious handmade cocktail syrup you’re after, check out Blue J Syrups – but you’ll need to plan ahead, and maybe catch them at a farmers’ market.

Blue J Syrups

Blue J Syrups


Cocktails anyone?

Day drinking, according to They also have a cocktail generator (occasion plus mood equals drink suggestion), but it’s sponsored by Martini & Rossi, so every recipe includes one of their bottles. The main site also has a pretty substantial cocktail library, complete with pics. Mine often look more like the #NailedIt memes, but whatever – they taste good.


If you’re feeling like a milkshake, head on over to Beautiful Booze – her pics and her recipes are fantastic. I’ve made my way through more than one blender-ful of her delicious booze + ice cream concoctions!

Beautiful Booze

Beautiful Booze


Where to get your spirits:

DrinkupNY – great selection of whiskey, along with a ton of wine. Online only, but their shipping price/policy is pretty reasonable.


Acker Merrall & Condit – they’re on the Upper West side, but Jason can usually find things others can’t. (they also have a serious wine thing, as they’re the oldest operating wine shop in the US).


Article: Jeanne Runkle



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