Quirky songstress, ZZ Ward, stopped by The Hall At MP to play us her tune “Love 3x” and certainly kept the soul grooves flowing. Her upcoming album This Means War is due out on September 18th, and we already can’t wait for it, thanks to this lovely little preview.  There’s something so uniquely cool about ZZ Ward, whether it’s the ease at which she captivates an audience or the sheer honesty in her lyrical delivery; either way, she is quite the talented lady. It’s fascinating to watch her perform such a cheeky song with a grin on her face, as she belts out “We’re either fucking or fighting, no caramel in between. You make me ill, but it’s such a thrill.” Her voice exudes style and confidence, and her tone is absolutely uncanny. The guitars accompany her voice seamlessly, making this tune one to remember.


Video: Standard Production Co.

Article: Alex Feigin


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