The Blind Boys of Alabama sat down with me at Eaux Claires to discuss their relationship with Justin Vernon, new music, and their thoughts on the festival. Read more of my interview with them below:


I know you are friends with Justin and Phil Cook and recorded your album “I’ll Find A Way” at April Base. What were your initial thoughts when you were asked to perform at Eaux Claires?

BBoA- When the question was put to us, “How would you like to do a session with Justin Vernon?” I said, “Fine, who is he?” [laughs] It was a bitterly cold December but he had a warm house, and a warm heart, so everything went well. When he asked us to be on the festival we felt like “Oh, family!” It’s like coming home to see our family, where our family and friends are; it’s good to be here.

The Blind Boys Of Alabama

The Blind Boys Of Alabama


Are there any bands here that you’re looking forward to hearing while you’re here?

BBoA: I enjoyed Lone Bellow, absolutely, yea their harmonies… it’s good stuff. They’ve got a feeling. Also, Phil Cook – took us to church, and Hiss Golden Messenger. Also Mike Lewis and Reggie [Pace]. They’re gonna sit in with us a little later on.

The Blind Boys Of Alabama

The Blind Boys Of Alabama


Are you working on any upcoming music or albums in the works?

BBoA: Well we’re kinda waiting right now, we’re waiting to see what this album does, we had an album come out last year, a Christmas record called “Talkin’ Christmas,” so it’s still hot, we’re gonna see what happens with that and then we’ll move on.

The Blind Boys Of Alabama

The Blind Boys Of Alabama


As you may know, I write for a site called Pancakes & Whiskey. Are you guys whiskey drinkers at all?

BBoA: [laughs] We’ll never tell! [laughs]


It’s the best-kept secret I suppose?

BBoA: That’s right! [laughs]


Article: Lesley Keller


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