Saturdays at Webster Hall are always off-the-wall crazy and fun. This past Saturday night we had the pleasure of drinking cold beers and seeing amazing bands like The Last Internationale and IAMDYNAMITE at The Studio.

We started the night with the hypnotic and enticing, The Last Internationale, and boy can this band take things to another level! Internationale’s lead singer, Delila Paz, has the Josh Homme vibe with a delicious raspy voice that’ll send shivers down your spine, but with a Joan Jett style and attitude. Playing songs like “Wanted Man” and “Killing Fields,” they have this sweet and in your face demeanor that catches your heart in an instant. Releasing their first studio album, We Will Reign, this past year which was produced by Brendan Benson and Brendan O’Brien and be associated with legendary bands like Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave, the sky’s the limit for this hard rock band.

We also forgot to mention that besides playing sick, bad ass songs; they had the crowd join onstage to help with the catchy chorus to their song “Freedom.” During their last song to close the set, Delila  jumped off the stage, sang and danced into the crowd, then guitarist Edgey Pires jumped in as well and wailed a beautiful solo that left the crowd in complete awe and admiration. The Last Internationale is an incredible band that cannot be missed from croony hard rock songs to Delila’s stunning, raspy sultry voice; this band is everything.

After the addicting performance of The Last Internationale came IAMDYNAMITE, a minimalist rock duo hailing from Detroit, Michigan. The band’s name is very catchy and well thought out from a Friedrich Nietzsche quote. This is another band that we were so excited and happy to see live, after becoming addicted to their awesome song, “Where Will We Go.” In the spirit of go loud or go home, they went incredibly and awesomely loud. They played a new song, stating it’ll bomb or it’ll be great, it was fantastic! Our favorite song was Be There” from their new album WASA TUSA, you couldn’t help to dance or bop your head to it. Looking around the crowded space, it was fun to see smiling faces enjoying their upbeat songs and singing along. You can tell that this duo really love what they do. This show was perfection.

After seeing both unbelievable bands, we really did not want to leave Webster Hall known for it’s crazy and fun dance parties, we ran up to the Grand Ballroom and danced the night away.


Article: Karen Silva


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