The name is Chetti. She’s young and fierce, gorgeous and talented—a true-born Brooklyn babe poised to take the New York City music scene by storm and “bring meaningful, soulful music back into the pop market.”

“Can’t help but feel alive in the place where only the strong survive,” Chetti sings on “In the City,” the bright debut single that dropped early last year. The three-song EP that followed demonstrated Chetti’s incredible lyricism and versatility of style, putting the edgy urban beauty on the map almost instantly. But while she might be relatively new on the scene, Chetti’s sound is self-assured and savvy, carrying with it a sagacious urban outlook, unshakable optimism, and a whole lotta feisty attitude.

As In the City gains notice across the globe, Chetti’s love and loyalty remain local. “Always with me when I go, I can’t help I got a Brooklyn soul,” she admits proudly on “#madeinbklyn.” The girl’s heart is as big as her voice, so to celebrate the city that raised her, Chetti threw a slammin’ party at t.b.d. in Greenpoint with all her favorite Brooklyn haunts and homies. A bundle of ferocious energy, Chetti took the stage to an adoring crowd of friends and family. She performed songs off her EP as well as a remixed, reimagined cover of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?”

Catered by I Got Balls (great name, right?) and Jus by Julie, the #MadeinBrooklyn event included a raffle of must-haves from Ample Hills Creamery, Tempted Ink Tattoo, Wrecords by Monkey, Y7 Yoga Studio, as well as artists Cist Ones and John Westbay. Proceeds from the raffle, upwards of $1200, were donated to the Kids for Kids Foundation to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Chetti is the whole package—kindness, beauty, talent—and this is clearly just the start of what will be a vibrant music career.

Article: Heather McAdams


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