The foot-stomping alt-folk-rock one-man show by the name of Jeremiah Tall dropped a rather terrifying video in support of his just-released debut full-length album, Where The Lore Began via Randm Records. As a result, we are left to gather up the pieces of our shattered psyches. The new album was produced by one of Philadelphia’s premier recording/mixing engineers, Bill Moriarty (The Districts, Sheepdogs, Dr. Dog, Man Man) and has a sound that harkens to the backwood country corner of the PA mountains with a strong Revolutionary War history christened Bucks County, which is where Jeremiah hails from.

The video for the album’s first single “Moonlight” is a horrifying taste of a devilish bluegrass hoedown rundown as a young woman manages to escape an apparent kidnapping. She awakes bound to a chair in a derelict building and slips out of her bonds sneaking past her captor as he is transfixed by static on a TV. From that point, her flannel-clad, potato sack-masked kidnapper fiendishly peruses her through the woods. Just as it seems she may have out-run this maniac, she finds herself surrounded by three identical abductors as it fades to black with them all converging on her.

With a driving kick drum backbone and a banjo swing, the song embraces a lush full-band-arrangement that includes fiddles and ominous harmonies that revels in the devilish quality of a typically tranquil facet of the nighttime. It all gives one just enough of a flickering glow to gaze in fear at the evil things as they run wild through the nocturnal hours and lyrically appears to be calling for all to come join. It is clear that the theme of the common man’s battle with the devil is a running concept within much of Tall’s music and I for one, can’t get enough of the wicked hours it weaves.


Don’t miss Jeremiah Tall on tour!

Nov 11 – Washington, DC @ Gypsy Sally’s

Nov 14 – Thomas, WV @ The Purple Fiddle

Nov 15 – Thomas, WV  @ The Purple Fiddle

Nov 17 – Columbus, OH @ Natalie’s

Nov 18 – Cleveland, OH @ Music Box

Nov 19 – Chicago, IL @ Uncommon Ground

Nov 20 – Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet

Nov 24 – Allentown, PA @ Alternative Gallery

Dec 17 – Kingston, NY @ BSP Lounge

Dec 18 – Gloucester, MA @ Minglewood Tavern

Dec 19 – Skook, PA  @ Winter Puff Fest

Jan 7 – Philadelphia, PA @ Bourbon & Branch

Jan 15 – Newport, RI @ Jimmy’s Saloon

Jan 22 – New Hope, PA  @ Triumph Brewing Company

Feb 12 – New York, NY @ Pianos

Feb 13 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s



Article: Dean Keim





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