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There’s nothing better than when you meet people who share the same love of music as much as you do. You bond over favorite songs and shows you’ve been to, this was the case for Otherkin.

Hailing from Dublin, grunge pop band Otherkin was formed in 2010 but not completely formed until they found their drummer Rob in 2012. Otherkin is amazingly reminiscent of the “It” & “The” bands of the early 00’s like The Strokes, Vines, Libertines, and Hives. If they sound familiar, it mostly because their single “Ay Ay” was recently featured in a video for People Are Awesome where everyday but extraordinary people do awesome things like solid parkouring among other crazy stunts.

Otherkin Photoshoot Clontarf 28.01.15-69



With an addicting sound, “Ay Ay” is the perfect song to start your day; it’s really difficult to not have it on repeat. Otherkin recently release their EP “The 201” from their Irish indie label Rubyworks. From start to finish, The 201 is bursting with roaring, captivating, loud as hell tunes. By the end of the ep you won’t be able to choose a favorite song, it starts off really strong and stays that way. In “Love’s A Liability,” which is a catchy song with some pessimistic  lyrics like “I’m so bored with you..” can help but smirk at the line.

2016 is looking mighty promising for this rising band!


Article: Karen Silva



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