“Let’s throw the strait-jackets away and hit the Mary-Jane like Tarzan” in preparation for this epically psychedelic video from the Soho Kings called “Out My Mind.”

The song and video takes so many twists and turns that it truly is a ‘Rock Opera’ of sorts, but with fast-paced hip-hop beats and delirious lyrics instead of extended guitar solos and tear-inducing words. The opening lines bring us directly to the point – “Insane Crazy, Courtney/Cobain, I’m bugged out, no bug spray to spray” and “Rehab Rehab, might go to reahab, I hope I don’t relapse faster than Lohan,” give us the impression this is not a mental illness, but self-induced chemical madness at its best.

Midway through our journey we abruptly take a left turn – slowing down the pace on a different road that’s filled with acoustic guitar and synths that bring us to a more self-aware destination than when we started. Filled with contrasting colors and paranoia inducing scenery, we wind down a spiraling path to end the video, with the catchy chorus of ‘out my mind’ ringing in our ears.


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Out My Mind Release Party


Article: Shayne Hanley



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