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The new EP from the rock-soul band, The Routine, is a breath of fresh air and we are excited to stream it for you today. The EP on the whole is rich in sound and has excellent production, but we are especially partial to the title track, “Black Tropics” that has a dreamy beach vibe and vibrant beat. Check out the track-by-track info on each song below while you listen to this funky record.

Black Tropics album art

Black Tropics album art





Exposure: Exposure is a funk/soul tribute to the music business. So many bands are looking for that big break and everyone’s got any opinion on how to do it. On your journey you’ll play many gigs, but be weary of the gig that promises you great “exposure.”


Black Tropics: Afro-centric, fresh, uplifting rock, “Black Tropics” is a bright spot on this EP. Weaving American soul with African rhythm and tones in a way unique to The Routine, “Black Tropics” brings a new sound to your ear, guaranteed to make you groove.


Too Rich: A provocative rock ballad, “Too Rich” brings out the heart & soul of this band with raw emotion. Smooth vocals blended with heavy guitar licks, this song will get your blood pumping and your heart craving loves long past.


Mountain: Hail to the “Mountain” Mother Nature, and all things greater then us. Using ancient rhythms and soulful melody, “Mountain” gives back to the earth and gives thanks for all it’s gifts.


Breaking Bad: Not for the faint of heart, “Breaking Bad” is its own beast. A musical monster that highlights the fantastic rhythm section and takes you on a journey of self discovery.  Can you go down, deep underground?


Ambeyoncé: A smooth musical interlude designed to sooth your soul and set the mood. An ambience that only Beyonce could rival.


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