Today we premiere this feel-good track from Maya Solovey called “With You.” With its airy vocals and catchy beat, “With You,” is pretty much a perfect song for these last few weeks of summer. It’s always refreshing to hear a happy song without the heaviness of life’s problems – one that can make your day a little bit brighter, just by listening.

“This song was written during the recording of Blue Heart, by Hank Sullivant, of MGMT. We were talking about song ideas and lyric ideas, when we got to the nonchalant image of “flicking one’s jeans”. It was high summer, and the hazey, heated country aroma was all around us, in Woodstock where we were recording. This song is a token of those kinds of moments–laying in the grass, staring up at the trees and sky, and blissfully having nothing to do for a summer moment.” – Maya Solovey


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