We are excited to premiere the newest single from St. Van Cortlandt & The 101 called “Like The Arrow Miss The Stone,” which is off their upcoming EP named The Lion Tree. The straight forward rock tune begins with cinematic gunslinger vibes then quickly shifts into a high energy, guitar-riff driven ride that doesn’t let up until the last notes ring out. Midway through the rollicking track, some deep spacey-synths break up the structure a bit, but returns to the fast-paced rock for the remainder. All in all, this is a great new rock track, off an equally impressive EP, that stands out amidst the shoegaze-heavy scene here in the city.


“The EP we’re about to release, The Lion Tree, is about the mythic nature of childhood and family, seen through subjective memories. Like the Arrow Miss the Stone opens the record and introduces this theme. More specifically, it’s a song about brotherhood and the ways that brothers struggle for individuality, freedom, and equality against hierarchies based on age. My brother and I were very close even though there were a lot of years between us. He taught me everything about music and life and I looked up to him so much that it was hard to figure out who I was as an individual when I got to that age. This song is about looking back on our childhood and the years that we naturally grew apart. Just like any sibling relationship, the song has it’s darker reflective moments, but it’s also a celebration of the boisterous energy and the misadventures of youth.” – STVC101


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