Catey Shaw is back with a new take on a poppy, girl-next-door kinda single, “Lovesick Jerk,” and we’re proud to premiere the acoustic version on Pancakes & Whiskey today. The minimalistic video finds Shaw singing into an vintage valve microphone as the breeze toys with her hair, her eyes concealed behind purple and green 60s-style shades. Its simplicity lets you focus on her vocals, which often exhibit the rare quality of being sweet, sassy, victorious, and vulnerable all at once. Hear all about the jerk Shaw’s had enough of and check out the brand new video above.


“The great thing about recording an acoustic version of a song is the way that it breaks it down to bare bones – no production tricks or anything just the song. “Lovesick Jerk” was a great candidate for that because the fun presentation of it doesn’t necessarily lend to the harsh content, so it’s nice to kind of isolate that sentiment.” – Catey Shaw


Article: Olivia Isenhart


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    Adam Wolf

    Catey Shaw is the best thing since sliced bread! -Jobro <3

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