Michael Hanf, the drummer for San Fermin, has his own thing going on and we are happy to premiere his new single called “Home” today. It’s always refreshing to me, when the percussionist gets to write a song on his or her own, as it reveals the inner workings of the smartest person in the band (sorry, I’m a former drummer).

The rhythmic track is highlighted by airy vocals, locomotive-like percussion and grungy guitars that build into a full-force jam by the end. If this is one the first glimpses we get of his new solo project, then we are in for a real treat when he has down-time to record more music.


“Home was written and recorded in a little practice space in industrial Gowanus in between tours. Touring is fun as hell but it also makes me feel a little detached from the rest of the world. I was listening to that Wallflowers record Bringing Down the Horse and I’m always dumbstruck by the musicians on that record. Mike Campbell, Matt Chamberlain, Jon Brion – it’s really the dreamiest of teams. So, I tried to fuse a Chamberlain groove with a Brion turnaround. Home can mean a lot of things, but for me at that point it was the mid/late 90’s alt rock sound.” – Michael Hanf



Article: Shayne Hanley



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