To describe how Goat sounds would do a disservice to them. Yeah, you can call them psychedelic, you can call them Folk, but that doesn’t tell you anything you need to know about this band. Requiem is some other animal entirely. The album is thirteen different songs, but it’s also one larger piece with a beginning, middle, and end. So instead of a droll album review that does nothing to help you decide whether or not you should listen to this incredible album, here is a list things that I thought of while listening to this album:

            The Talking Heads


            Arcade Fire’s Funeral

            Paul Simon’s Graceland

            Terry Riley (mostly In C, but other pieces as well)

            Peruvian Flute Bands (which will become obvious upon first listen)

            The Mars Volta

            Aguirre, The Wrath of God

            Koyaanisqatsi  (the movie and Phillip Glass’ soundtrack)

            The dream sequence in Altered States

            The Firebird (Stravinsky)

            The Planet Mars

            Furniture made from real wood, Teak or Walnut

            Kurt Vonnegut’s prose

            The Anthology of American Folk Music

            Certain scenes from Cameron Crowe movies where everything is golden.

            “Golden” by My Morning Jacket

            Handmade rugs


            Where the Wild Things Are (the book)

            Haitian primitivism



If any of number of these things interest you, then you should surely take a listen to Requiem; something so entirely something else that you can only listen to it.


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Article: Christopher Gilson



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