The amount of music we get sent here at P&W is staggering – we spend a good portion of the day listening to the hundreds of submissions for song/video/album premieres. When the submissions slow, we revert to our favorite recent albums to get through the day and that’s where Future Lover comes in and his debut LP called The Summoning. The album from the Indianapolis rocker is splendid and we are constantly amazed at one man’s ability to play every instrument (except sax) on the riveting psych-rock adventure, in fact it will appear in our “Best Of 2016” lists, so we urge you to get the wax here.

“One More” is the second track off The Summoning and hits hard with its catchy chorus, tribal-percussion, reverb-heavy guitars and hammering basslines. The video is, dark, grungy and the perfect amount of weird that we can appreciate – with or without a glass of whiskey and a smoke. Being a free spirit, word is that Future Lover has sold all his worldly belongings and plans on touring the country in his renovated RV/recording studio while playing gigs and recording bands in the wonder-mobile – we’ll be sure to keep you updated on that adventure.


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Article: Shayne Hanley



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