We are really happy to share this new song from The Young Folk today called “Dear, Your Hat;” and with lines like “Hold on to your hat love, it’s pretty windy outside. Said you look so gorgeous, I want you to survive,” the rolling tune really hits a folksy homerun.

The Irish band is taking folk-music in a new direction and we can’t help, but gush over the simple arrangements and strong vocals that the new single provides. Being of Irish descent like myself, means you grow up listening to mostly fictional and lavish stories from an older relative that usually dictate a struggle; and then finally a resolution that you learn a lesson from. “Dear, Your Hat” has that type of feel, it makes you want to listen a little closer, and that is the mark of true songwriting greatness.


“‘Dear, Your Hat’ is about getting yourself into a great situation but you feel like you can make it a lot better by pushing at it and forcing it through even when you know you shouldn’t. Trying to force an opportunity before it happens.”- The Young Folk

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Article: Shayne Hanley




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