Love Ghost isn’t monkeying around in their new video for “Chimpanzee,” that we are happy to premiere today her at Pancakes And Whiskey. Despite the title and groovy animation, “Chimpanzee” seems to be a serious, dark song with an impressive arrangement that flows effortlessly from beginning to end. A few things stand out in this piece, including the use of the viola that works almost like a guitar – highlighting the ebbs and flows of the song; all while the thumping bass-line, deliberate percussion, and snarling, but intelligent vocals complete this alt-rock expedition.

Now comes the fun part – This L.A. band has been around less than two years and consists of some hard-working teenagers that have already opened for bands like Smash Mouth, The Tubes and Buckcherry. They have been sharpening their skills at famed venues like the Whisky and The Troubadour, which is good news for old grungers like myself and now await for them to make the trek here with their incendiary live show.


“I personally love older trippy animation like Ralph Bakshi’s “Wizards” and that really inspired this video. First we found old stock footage of Chimpanzees playing instruments, then edited it with our own live performance videos.  We then animated all the footage, experimenting with different styles.  Finally, we used some flash animation of a monkey who had been medically experimented on.” Finn Bell


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Article: Shayne Hanley





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