Let’s take a trip to “Mars” in this fantastically produced video premiere from VanLadyLove today. With an instantly catchy beat, the video draws us in with powerful lyrics and then hits us with walloping percussion, churning guitar, perfectly-timed bass and a massive chorus that is catchy enough for us to be singing along [loudly] in the office today.

In a nod to the many films dedicated to space exploration, the video gives us a bevy of fun scenes that shows the group’s affable nature, but the song itself is a bit more serious in its meaning as the band explains: “We feel like the world is becoming divided. We wish we could all realize that we are just one human race. Unfortunately, there are people that want to divide us for there own success.  We support the advancing of technology to better this world (Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil, and other visionaries that are working hard to better this world for the right reasons), but not the advancing of technology that distracts people from the real world, real issues and real relationships. 

We came up with this idea to build miniature diorama sets for each scene in the video. We spent a day and got super crafty building these sets, and for each scene, we wanted to give a nod to all the Mars movies that have come out over the years.” – VanLadyLove

Word is the Salt Lake City band is in the studio now, and if this new tune is any indication; we are in for a wild ride when their album drops.


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Article: Shayne Hanley



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