We know you’re going to dig the newest single from Irontom called “Not In Front Of My Eyes,” which is off their upcoming album, Partners, and is due out on 5-5-17.

The track starts with a dreamy and slow-rolling beat that’s full of synth and rhythmic guitar that piques our interest. Then the airy-vocals from Harry Hayes float around with a delicate, but yet forceful way to them that makes us listen closely to the story. The track really never veers from this formula, and by the end we are singing right along to the supremely catchy chorus.

There’s something special about this band, and while we can’t quite put our finger on it yet, maybe you should see for yourself when they open up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers this Spring. And talking about the Peppers – we can’t help but mention that guitarist and founder, Zach Irons, is the son of Jack Irons who was the original drummer for the Chili Peppers and also played on two of the best Pearl Jam albums in No Code and Yield. Evidently, the force is strong with the Irons’ clan and the magic is spreading.


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Article: Shayne Hanley




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