Today is a good day with the new video from LOVECOMMISSION called “You Make It Alright,” which is off their upcoming LP due out this summer. LOVECOMISSION is the brain-child of Pat Scarlett who seems to like to keep things on the down-low as we know very little about this exciting project. As legend goes – his original EP found its way onto rotation on scattered college radio stations across the U.S. and introduced a brand of alt-pop replete with synthy strings and gritty, orchestral guitar arrangements. There was no official release party or straightforward press. When asked about the band, where it came from, how it developed, what it is, his only response is, “listen to the music.”

So we listen to the music and watch the endearing video for “You Make It Alright” and think – this is catchy stuff. Filled with droning keyboards/guitars, a rumbling bassline and pleasing lyrics, this tune has an almost throwback-feel to it, but with enough new-age qualities that it feels fresh and ready for mass consumption. We look forward to more peppy tunes like this with the release of their full-lenth, Acid Dreams and War Machines, due out this summer.

“So, with this video I wanted to take a step back from the gloss & polish approach to video-making that characterizes much of what is put out these days by various artists.  I wanted to do something more personal, so I abandoned a full crew in favour of a hand held camera, which let me give the video a real one-on-one, interactive feel that I think worked well with the song.

 In the video I work with the beautiful Valérie Cornellier, whom I met in Montreal, and who, unfortunately, may already have had enough of my ‘charm’ – which, I’m sure, is inconceivable to some of the women I know… But while we were making the video we ‘worked’ quite well together, and I think that comes across on screen.  She’s beautiful, she’s charming, and I enjoy watching the video now because though she poses for some of the shots – upon my request – some real spontaneity comes through in others.  In a couple of scenes where I make her smile, or laugh – whatever I was doing at the time – her personality really shines, and there’s a real, genuine interaction between us.

 I find the layers of context now, within and surrounding the video & the single, to be interesting.  For example, the song was written about a past relationship – I repeat the refrain “you make it alright” while being aware that the relationship is crumbling.  With the video, I had literally just met Valérie the week before.  So, you see two people who have just met interacting with each other in a very fresh and spontaneous way.  It’s sweet, it’s personal, and that refrain “you make it alright” comes across in a much lighter, more hopeful way in the context of this scenario.

 In any case, I like the final product – how it works.  I used a kitschy tv screen motif to insert my singing image into the mix, which gives it a bit of a tongue-in-cheek feel, and further lightens the weight of a song where a guy is singing about being saved by a girl that’s leaving him.” – Pat Scarlett









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