When you hit the play button on this insane video premiere from Bat House called “Yarn,” you are instantly transported to another dimension that we will call “Covfefe” today. In this Covfefe dimension, we are presented with an array of musical crescendos that bounce around in a way that makes us dizzy with excitement, not unlike a child’s bouncy-house.

The highly-creative video for “Yarn” contains a bevvy of intriguing digital imagery that flows perfectly with the never-ending guitar-noodling, thumping bass and spastic vocals that don’t quit for four-and-a half minutes. “Yarn” is the second track off the Boston band’s killer self-titled LP that you can stream right here and was recorded at Boston’s Converse Rubber Tracks.

“Escape into a swirly, twirly land of bounce houses as they work together to achieve their final form…” – Bat House

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Cover Image: Kit Castagne



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