It’s Halloween, and to celebrate we have a killer new video for you complete with spooky ghosts and gnarly riffs, from the Nashville Indie-rock band Born Animal, called “I Think I Think Too Much.”

Starting with a simple beat and a hammering bassline, “I Think I Think Too Much,” then brings forth clear and concise lyrics that we can wrap our heads around without straining. The tune is rife with catchy guitar licks and has that foot-tapping ability that is hard to find these days without also being harsh or discombobulated.

Born Animal will be releasing their second EP on December 1st and the independent Nashville radio station, WRLT-Lightning 100, has named Born Animal their featured artist of the week for 11-27 to 12-1 and will be premiering the EP on 12-1-17.


“We have a rule in Born Animal – if something makes us laugh, smile, or bob our heads, then it’s probably a good idea. ‘I Think I Think Too Much’ was written in 30 minutes on a summer afternoon in 2016, and soon we were all laughing, smiling, and bobbing our heads to the song. It immediately had an impact on both the band and audiences, who would approach me after shows asking questions about the lyrics and “what does it all mean?” We felt we were on to something, and began tossing around ideas for a video. When I was home for the holidays, I called up one of my creative friends from high school. Let’s just brainstorm, I said, see what happens. So we listened to the song a few times, then suddenly she stops the music, and says, “If you don’t have ghosts in this video, you’re seriously doing something wrong.” It was a flash of brilliance. Before we knew it, the whole concept was drawn out with silly markers in a notebook. Over the next few months, we put together a team, made the costumes, and filmed the video for a live crowd at the East Room in Nashville. When we watch it, we laugh, we smile, and we bob our heads. For Born Animal, it’s all about having fun, and sharing that fun with those who matter most.” Ryan & BA

I Think I Think Too Much


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