*repeat repeat, an aptly-named band from Nashville, Tennessee, played a recent live session at their local Acme Radio studios, and we’re stoked to premiere the footage on Pancakes & Whiskey today. The Nashville band’s self-described “surf rockcandy” sound is stripped down to its natural elements in this cool acoustic cut of their song, “Plugged In,” from this year’s full-length debut album, Floral Canyon. Between Jared Corder’s rhythmic, rugged strumming and the honeyed harmonies Kristyn Corder brings to his vocals, the husband-and-wife pair shine in this radio performance in their hometown.

“This session is extra special to us because we got to collaborate with dear friends doing cool shit,” they said of the experience. “The people behind Acme Radio are killer and have created something lasting. The highlight for us was that the studio faces the street and confused Nashville tourists passed by and looked into the window wondering if they knew who we are (you don’t). We don’t do a ton of stripped-down performances, so this was something out of the ordinary for us.” – *repeat repeat


You can check out the new session right here, and follow *repeat repeat on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


Article: Olivia Isenhart

Cover Image: Cortney Armitage



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