When you press play on “Mercy Street” by Banfi, you are instantly thrown into another world; one full of magical spaces where the music flows and ebbs in all the right ways. You may remember this legendary tune by Peter Gabriel, which was originally brought to us in the 1986 album, So; but Banfi’s take is a solid re-imagination that is airy and ethereal while staying true to the original. The song is off the band’s forthcoming album entitled The Jack Powell EP and we look forward to more lush and impressive tunes with that release.


“It’s always daunting covering another artist and even more daunting when that artist is someone you love and respect as much as we do with Peter Gabriel. He’s such a huge figure in music history and we felt that we really had to do his work justice. He has always been a massive influence on us and a while back we put out an acoustic version of Mercy Street that we filmed in our kitchen. Our fans really loved it, so we thought we’d fully realize our ideas as to where we could take this as a cover and record it properly for our new EP. We worked with Eliot James on the track and it’s come out better than we ever hoped, we hope you love it. And hopefully Mr Gabriel will too!” – Aaron Graham


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Cover Image: Jake Dypka



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