Starting with some gentle banjo picking and a gentle voice that carries emotion, the new single from Arizona’s Jared & The Mill entitled “Break in The Ether,” is a genre-less musical trip that gets the feet tapping and head bobbing. Despite the country-ish start, the song really breaks away from that tempo with raging guitar work, pounding percussion and a bassline that grooves in between the notes. The catchy and uplifting single is off Jared & The Mill’s upcoming album due out later this year and the band will be dropping singles along the way, so keep your ears open for more quality tracks from this up-and-coming band.


“I wrote the song after a camping trip in the mountains with my girlfriend. It was all misty one morning and I was reflecting on the feelings about the relationship coming together and sensing that there was something special going on while still wanting to retain my own independence and not move too fast.  In the song I tried to capture the literal mistiness of that morning but also the ethereal, intangible feelings that come along with a budding relationship and tried to do a bit of word painting in the first verse to illustrate that setting. The “break” in the ether is the moment that I gained a bit of clarity and actually silenced some of my own internal hang ups.” – Larry Gast III


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Cover Image: Ash Ponders



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