On this day of love, we premiere the new video from Fuel On Fire entitled “Figured You Out.” The 360* Virtual-Reality video is a fun piece of art and tells the story of a hapless young man, a rubiks cube and an attractive woman; all while the band plays the catchy song behind you if you swivel the camera. “Figured You Out” is a love song, albeit not an obvious one, that is driven by deep synths, biting percussion, jangly guitars and a voice that cuts through the music perfectly.


We co-write a lot with each other and with outside writers, but “Figured You Out” is a rare solo write by Ben (guitar/vocals). Here are Ben’s thoughts on the song and video: “The thought behind the lyric to ‘Figured You Out’ is from the perspective of a guy who has fallen for a girl who’s a really good friend already. For some reason I was thinking of the movie Elf and how Buddy the elf picks up the girl from her apartment and has to buzz her from downstairs. I just liked the picture of the gentleman picking up the girl in that old-fashioned way. The track started with a bouncy-buzzy synth bass and a beat that felt like a video game. We’re all gamer junkies so the song really has that vibe.” 

Figured You Out


Fuel On Fire, consisting of four brothers (Ben, Edward, Joe and Kurt Doerfel), have been playing music together since they were young children in upstate NY, and have since moved to Nashville where they are sharpening their skills and writing fantastic music in the legendary city. With this song and video we expect a big year from the Indie-pop group and will be following along intently.


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