Rebel Rampage is here to remind us that sometimes the most stealthy weapon against ignorance and disinformation is, information; and with their heavy rocking video premiere called “Scorched Earth” they get right to the point about climate-change (*Spoiler Alert: It’s Real). Packed tight with raging guitar, bombastic percussion, heavy hitting bass and aggressive lyrics, the video is comprised of fast-paced news footage clips combined with the L.A. power trio kicking up blackened dirt at a fire site.

We are far removed from the protest anthems of the 60’s/70’s (or better yet, a Ragey 90’s band), that helped a generation of young folk realize the horrors of war; which is why progressive thinking bands that aren’t afraid to speak the fuck up is becoming increasingly more important in todays muddled, sugar-coated, candy pop/rock scene. The scalding tune is off Rebel Rampage’s debut album entitled Divided We Fall and can tell you is full of equally impressive tracks that make you think, while rocking out at the same time.


“Scorched Earth is dedicated to all the victims and first responders of the disastrous effects of climate change world-wide and specifically, the CA wildfires. Climate change is real. We must all do our part to recognize the truth behind the science and help preserve our planet. See links below for ways you can help.” *Help and Donate to the American Red Cross and California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund*How You Can Help Fight Climate Change (NRDC) – Rebel Rampage

If  you’re in California this weekend, be sure to check out Rebel Rampage playing Saturday at 12:45pm at ACLU’s 100 Year Anniversary National Tour Experience at Grand Park with a litany of notable speakers and performers, including Tom Morello. Full Schedule here.

Rebel Rampage at ACLU


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