Badass rocker Fiona Silver does it again with “Hot Tears.” This is the second single from her upcoming EP Hostage of Love (out 2/14/2020) following “Dark Blue” that came out earlier this fall. “Hot Tears” has a gritty rock sound that’s upbeat and seemingly positive, but its lyrics tell a story of longing. “You say you love me and then you disappear, same story, year after year,” Fiona’s bewitching rasp croons over the light drum beats of the intro creating the initial anticipation. The yearning for this passion to come back is evident in the emotional vocals. Listen if you like bopping your head to a peppy beat but also having the option to cry on on the bathroom floor over your ex.

Fiona Silver “Hot Tears”


Listen to Fiona slay this song live at her headlining show at Knitting Factory on 12/21 (Tickets HERE) and see her rock out along side Debbie Harry, Jesse Malin, Julia Cumming and more at the 40th anniversary celebration of London Calling (12/14 at Bowery Ballroom).


Article: Merissa Blitz

Single Art: Max Gellar



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