Things have seemed pretty bleak lately, so when a peppy single like “Holy Hangover” from Ghost Town Remedy came to us, we jumped at the chance to premiere it. The high-energy single is off their upcoming record Dry Spell (out this August); which features ripping guitars that don’t ease up for a second, hammering bass/percussion and concise lyrics that we can really get behind. We appreciate the juxtaposition between the energy of the music and the more serious nature of the lyrics, and that effect is dramatized with a video game-esque vibe that is punchy and animated.

Holy Hangover


“Holy Hangover comes from a series of reflections I’ve had on my bouts with post-holiday depression. There’s a very specific feeling of anxiety and sorrow that I get around the middle of January when the festivities are over, the sun is low, and the air is cold that makes me want to not do anything except eat and sleep a bunch. It quite literally feels like a month-long hangover. I specifically wrote the high-energy music to contrast with the melodramatic lyrics to highlight the disconnect between my dreams and my emotions. If only I could emerge from my hibernation a new man and get on with my life.” – Ghost Town Remedy

Ghost Town Remedy


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